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Issue 33 (Jan/Feb 2011) New Year Issue
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Issue 33 (Jan/Feb 2011) New Year Issue

Welcome friends to issue #33
      Happy New Year! The Holidays are over; the guests have all gone home. Now you can claim some quiet time, some me time to play with your beads! Brrrrr! Wear some snow and ice around your wrist with the lovely bracelet by that name from Barb Nichols. Sandra D Halpenny shares a fabulous Tila Bead collar style necklace . I've added a Tila Bead project too, mine is a bracelet design with crystal accents. Michelle has stitched a Crystal Cluster bracelet that is fast and fun. Celebrate Valentines Day with Ronit Florence's brick stitch sweetheart teddy bear earrings &, Barb Nichols' Hearts on a Vine. Learn to bead embroider around a cabochon with Meg Fillmore. Get out your round nose pliers to add Crystal and bicone pizzazz to a leafy chain necklace from Diana Wilson. Enjoy.
      Best wishes & full bead dishes, Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Hearts on a Vine Cuff Bracelet Hearts on a Vine Cuff Bracelet
by Barb A. Nichols

This sweet herringbone design isn't just for Valentine's Day!

  • 20 grams 11/o antique ivory pearl (W)
  • 5 grams 11/o flame red silver lined AB (R
  • 1 gram 11/o green silver lined AB (G)
  • 1 gram 11/o chocolate metallic (B)
  • 3 red buttons with shank (15 mm)
  • Thread: Silamide A

Individual Pattern is not available

Beading Around A Cabochon Beading Around A Cabochon
with Meg Fillmore

Meg is a talented artist who combines beads and textiles to create gorgeous bead embroidery.

She has a fabulous line of cabochon & bead kits that feature her original cabs & other focal pieces that can be seen at bead shows and online at

These generic instructions offer an overview as each cabochon is unique.


Individual Pattern is not available

Poppy Fields Bracelet Poppy Fields Bracelet
by Ronit Florence

Ronit stitched this beautiful bracelet in November when the poppy is the symbol for Remembrance Day/Veterans Day. The flower is featured in the famous WWI poem In Flanders Fields "In Flanders Fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row on row..." A touching remembrance of loved ones lost.

Delica Beads, size 11/o:
  • Chart #:1  |  DB-310  |  Count:606
  • Chart #:2  |  DB-274  |  Count:839
  • Chart #:3  |  DB-727  |  Count:1166
  • Chart #:4  |  DB-295  |  Count:364

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017546 at

Tila Bead Necklace Tila Bead Necklace
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Sandra shares a lovely beaded collar project using the new Tila 2-hole beads from Miyuki - stunning!

  • @ 1300 Seeds size 11
  • @ 64 Fire polished size 4mm
  • @ 105 Tila Beads Miyuki
  • Thread: Nymo D or Fireline 4lb
  • Size 11 or 12 beading needle

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017736 at

Snow and Ice Bracelet Snow and Ice Bracelet
by Barb A. Nichols

Snowballs and ice crystals, wrap your wrist in a winter wonderland.

  • 10 Grams, 8/0 white beads (A)
  • 15 Grams, 11/0 white beads (B)
  • 35 Milk White 4mm facets AB finish (C)
  • 35 Transparent 4mm facets AB finish (D)
  • 1 White button with shank (15 mm)
  • Thread: C-lon, Size A, white

Individual Pattern is not available

Un-Bear-ably Cute Earrings Un-Bear-ably Cute Earrings
by Ronit Florence

Wedding Bells are ringing for this darling duo. Only 5 colors of size 11 Delicas are needed to stitch up these sweethearts. Quantities are in ( ).

  • Size 11 Delica Beads;
    DB 105 brown (120)
    DB 857 light brown (138)
    DB 200 white (232)
    DB 245 pink (19
    DB 723 red (24)
  • Pair of earring findings
  • White thread

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017950 at

Crystal Cluster Bracelet Crystal Cluster Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Quick and simple, darling in red for Valentine's Day or make this sparkling bracelet in birthstone colors for easy gifting throughout the year.

  • 26 Red 4mm fire polished
  • 28 Red 4mm Bicone Crystals
  • 50 silver lined crystal size 8 seed - lrg
  • 42 silver lined crystal size 11 seed - med
  • 36 red silver lined size 11 seed - med
  • 120 red silver lined size 15 seed - small
  • Snap clasp or clasp of choice
  • Fireline crystal color 4lb test
  • Fine Beading needle

Individual Pattern is not available

Embellished Leaf Chain Necklace Embellished Leaf Chain Necklace
by Diana Wilson

The delicate open work leaves on this chain move and shimmer. The pierced design allows for the addition of bicones & crystals to the tips of random leaves in the center 5" of the necklace. Crystal clusters are added to the chain links to create a luxurious accent.

  • 18" leaf chain #32 Antique Silver from Primitive Earth Beads
  • Toggle clasp of choice and jump rings if needed to attach clasp
  • 35-40 turquoise bicones, 4mm
  • 35-40 dark red crystal rondelles, 3-4mm
  • 35-40 silver shadow crystal rondelles, 3-4mm
  • 100 dark silver headpins, about 1"
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Masking tape

Individual Pattern is not available

Tila Bead & Crystal Bracelet Tila Bead & Crystal Bracelet
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Terry Ann at sent a couple boxes of the new Miyuki Tila beads. Thanks! Hmm, I thought, what can I do with these? Here's my first experiment.

  • 50 Tila Bead 2-hole squares
  • 16 Round Crystals, 4mm - purple iris
  • 65 size 11/o seed beads - purple
  • 230 size 15/o seed beads - silver
  • Clasp of choice or make one with a 6mm disk & crystal as shown
  • Fireline 4lb test
  • Fine beading needle

Individual Pattern is not available

What's New
1 Step Crimper from Bead Buddy

1 Step Crimper from Bead Buddy

OK, this thing looks a little odd but it works like a charm! They promise "Perfect crimps in 1 squeeze!" and the clever gadget delivers just that.

String the wire and clasp through a regular crimp tube or crimp bead as usual. Then place the crimp tube under the extra little lever before squeezing the two larger handles together.

Watch the video available at to see it in action then ask for one at your local bead shop.

Chain Maille Rings from Beadalon

Made from Artistic Wire, these jump rings are precision cut for diameter and color consistency. For easy reference, eight of the most popular chain maille weaves such as the Byzantine, Turkish Round, Foxtail and more are noted on the back of each Artistic Wire Chain Maille Ring package along with the sizes needed and quantity of rings to create the weave.

Chain Maille Rings from Beadalon

Bracelet or Ornament of the Month Club

Bracelet or Ornament of the Month Club
Deb Moffett-Hall

Offer for Boxed sets: Pattern-Only, all 12 months:
  • 2010 Ornament of the Month with free spacer bars
  • 2010 Bracelet of the Month, sale price
Visit to order your set today.

While there, take a peek at the January and February designs featured for 2011. Join the club to receive a new kit each month that contains everything you need to stitch an enchanting ornament or beautiful bracelet. Step by step FUN!

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