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Issue 29 (May/Jun 2010) Bracelet Issue
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Issue 29 (May/Jun 2010) Bracelets Issue

Welcome friends to issue #29
      AAAACHOO!   The pollen count is through the roof this spring; I'm staying inside with my beads and my tissues. Ronit Florence shares TWO fabulous pollen-free flower peyote cuff designs: May Tulips and Spring Violets. Daughter Michelle has created a beautiful R.A.W. bracelet and has made up bead kits too! See the "What's New" page for details. Sandra D. Halpenny offers a delightful circular motif bracelet. Stitch a tubular Herringbone bracelet with bumps by Jann Christiansen. Learn Bead Knitting with a quick and easy beaded bracelet from Cindy Hulsey. Try a turn at "Spiral Peyote" with Linda Gettings. Dottie Hoeschen teaches us the Chevron chain with a lacy necklace design. Longing for a beach retreat? Stitch Megan Baker's lovely mermaid to swim around your wrist til you get to the ocean. Sniffle, I feel better already!
      Best wishes & full bead dishes, Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Bead Knitted Bracelet Bead Knitted Bracelet
by Cindy Hulsey

This Bead Knitting project uses the knit and slide method. Please refer to the wonderful free bead knitting instructions by Willow Tree Designs #1438 found at:

  • Size 11/o seed beads, approx. 40" of beads when strung
  • 5 yards Pearle 8 Cotton
  • 1 button to use as a clasp, 1/2"
  • Size 0000 Knitting needles
  • Size 7 crochet hook
  • Big eye needle

Individual Pattern is not available

Peachy Pinks Bracelet Peachy Pinks Bracelet
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Circular medallions of peachy pink seed beads & fire-polished crystals shimmer with the glow of spring & summer sunsets. Stunning as a bracelet or choker necklace - you decide!

Bead counts are per 1" circular unit, multiply by desired length to get totals for bracelet or necklace.
  • A = (pink) Toho size 11 seed Ceylon Mauve *52
  • B = (peach) Toho size 11 seed matt Gold/Crystal *34
  • C = (small facet) Victorian Rose fire polished, 3mm *8
  • D = (large facet) Rosaline Matte fire polished, 4mm *4
  • Nymo D or Fireline 4lb
  • Clasp of choice

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017861 at

Spiral Peyote Bracelet Spiral Peyote Bracelet
by Linda Gettings

This densely stitched bracelet takes tight tension to produce such a wonderful 3-D result.

  • Dark size 11/o seed beads
  • Metallic size 11/o seed beads
  • Metallic size 8/o or 6/o seed beads
  • Accent beads, round 5mm
  • Fireline, 6lb
  • Clasp

Individual Pattern is not available

May Day Tulips Bracelet May Day Tulips Bracelet
by Ronit Florence

Perfect for Mother's day! Stitch this even count panel as a bracelet as shown or add a bit of ribbon to make a stunning book mark. Panel measures 6.5" long and 1.75" wide when stitched with size 11 Delicas.

Materials, size 11 Delica Beads:
Chart # DB # Qty
  • DB 169     687
  • DB 274     978
  • DB 003     411
  • DB 295     150
  • DB 723     216
  • DB 741     186
  • DB 200     264

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017141 at

Chevron Chain Collar Chevron Chain Collar
by Dorothy Hoeschen

Seed beads & crystals make a lacy necklace to complement your spring wardrobe.

  • 11/o seed beads
  • 8/o seed beads
  • 6/o seed beads
  • 23 crystal rondelles, 6mm
  • Thread of your choice
  • Needle (#10 or #12)
  • Button for closure, 12mm

Individual Pattern is not available

Mermaid Bracelet Mermaid Bracelet
by Megan Baker

Stitched in size 11 seed beads this delightful brick stitched panel measures just over 6.5". Add a few decorative beads before adding the clasp if you'd like a longer bracelet.

  • 9 Colors: size 11/o Seed beads
  • Thread
  • Clasp as desired
  • Beading needle

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017319 at

Crystal & Disk Bracelet Crystal & Disk Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Black and Crystal Classic this R.A.W. bracelet easily shifts from office to evening!

  • Seed Beads:
    Size 15/o matte black
    Size 15/o silver metallic
    Size 11/o silver-lined crystal
  • Jet Bicones, 4mm (32)
  • Hematite Disks 2.5 x 6mm (58)
  • Thread or Fireline 4lb
  • Needle

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017256 at

Springtime Violets Bracelet Springtime Violets Bracelet
by Ronit Florence

Gorgeous cuff style bracelet or add a bit of ribbon to make a book mark. Panel measures 6.5" long and 1.75" wide when stitched with size 11 Delicas.

Materials, size 11 Delica Beads:
DB # - Qty
  • DB 721     676
  • DB 860     374
  • DB 232     723
  • DB 859     367
  • DB 274     176
  • DB 249     306
  • DB 923     270

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017186 at

"Things that go Bump" Bracelet "Things that go Bump" Bracelet
by Jann Christiansen

Change the size and type of beads that are used in tubular herringbone stitch and the result is this 'bumpy' beaded rope. You can make this design into a bracelet or a necklace; wear it alone or as a complement for a special focal.

  • Main color: Size 11/o Delica Beads
  • Accent colors: Size 11/o Seed Beads , Size 8/o Seed Beads, Size 6/o Seed Beads
  • (2) Daisy Spacers, 5mm
  • Clasp

  • #10 Beading Needle
  • Beading Thread (to match main bead color)

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017560 at

What's New
Fireline - More thread on a smaller spool

Fireline - More thread on a smaller spool

The economical 300 yard package of Fireline 4lb and 6lb test is now available on the smaller size spool! The old spool on the left was 5.5" in diameter and 2" thick!! The new spool on right is only 4.25" x .75".
Much easier to store & use. Order directly from a fishing supply store to really save big $$. These were $29.95 from Cabela's

Ferido - No Kiln or oven required!

Ferido is a 2-part epoxy that when blended in equal parts can be formed into beads or used as an adhesive for flat back crystals. It can also create collage & montage assemblages featuring an assortment of findings, stones, & found objects. Anything goes because the completed item doesn't need to go into a kiln or oven, it air dries in a few hours.

Check it out at:
Available at:

Ferido - No Kiln or oven required!

Bead Kit for the Crystal & Disk Bracelet

Bead Kit for the Crystal & Disk Bracelet

My mom is having so much fun with her "Bracelet of the Month" kits that I decided to offer a "Bracelet of the Issue" kit!
Each issue will feature one of my bracelet designs. I will put together high quality bead kits in pretty fabric gift bags so you can make the project exactly as pictured. We will include enough beads to stitch the bracelet any size up to 8" long.

This kit: $24.00 includes US postage.
Please find ordering information at
or call 215-368-1736 to order your kit.

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