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Issue 27 (Jan/Feb 2010) Happy New Year Issue
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Issue 27 (Jan/Feb 2010) Happy New Year Issue

Welcome friends to issue #27
      Happy New Year! My New Years resolution is to organize my bead collection. Yes; I know that was last years' resolution but I really mean it this time! I do!
      This issue features some cold weather cuties such as Linda Hampton's Snow Bunny earrings and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's little Cold Heart snowflake charms. We welcome Darling Oakes with her embellished peyote bracelet: Crocus in the Snow. There's a bit of romance too as Barb Nichols cleverly layers a RAW heart bracelet for Valentine's Day while I charted a peyote heart vine. Michelle also explored RAW making a set of bold garnet links. Learn Micro Macrame with Dottie Hoeschen's bracelet project - more beads than knots! Sandra Halpenny's Midnight Lace necklace is simply stunning. Linda Gettings mixes fire-polished and hex beads for a luscious herringbone cuff. Enjoy!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Layered Hearts Bracelet Layered Hearts Bracelet
by Barb A. Nichols

This bracelet is made of two layers of R.A.W. You will first create a base layer. The second layer will then be woven on top of the base layer.

  • 15 grams 11/o Miyuki seeds White Opaque Matte (A)
  • 5 grams 11/o Miyuki seeds Amethyst Purple-lined AB (B)
  • 1 button (15mm)
  • Needle, size 10
  • Silamide beading thread size A

Individual Pattern is not available

Garnet Links Bracelet Garnet Links Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Bold, Beautiful R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave). Use rich, glowing, jewel tone colors to make a strong design statement. Quick to stitch & fun to wear this bracelet features a self toggle closure.

  • 99 Flat glass disks or spacers, 6mm x 2 or 3mm (disk)
  • 43 Fire-polished rounds, 4mm (fp)
  • 102 Gold seed beads, size 15/o (seed)
  • Pearl needle or very thin beading needle
  • Fireline 4 or 6lb test or thread of choice

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017258 at

Micro Macrame Bracelets Micro Macrame Bracelets
by Dottie Hoeschen

This bracelet works up in a flash because it has more beads than knots. Only two simple knots are needed: Half-Hitch and Square.

  • 2 each one yard lengths of cord; Linen, C-Lon, Mouse Tail, etc. (You will need to fit 2 cords through your central beads.)
  • A selection of beads including drops, medium (4-5 mm or size 6/o seeds) and large (7-8 mm) beads for central motif and small (size 8/o seeds) for the outer curves if following the red & black design suggestion above.
  • 1 button with shank
  • A cork board or other pin-able surface to work on.
  • T-pins

Individual Pattern is not available

Heart Vine Bracelet Heart Vine Bracelet
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Only three colors of Size 11/o Delicas are needed to stitch this lovely bracelet - rich red, black, and gold for Valentines Day or fresh pastels for spring.

  • 3 colors of size 11 Delica Beads; Red, Black, Gold

Individual Pattern is not available

Midnight Lace Necklace Midnight Lace Necklace
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Loops & swirls of midnight black seed beads swoop amidst hematite pearls for a lacy necklace you'll love to wear.

  • Miyuki 11/o SEED bead, #401
  • 3mm Hematite pearl
  • #11 or #12 beading needle

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017629 at

Cold Heart Charms Cold Heart Charms
by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Little snowflake heart charms stitch up to be about 3/4" when using size 11/o Delicas. Can be stitched using peyote or Brick methods.

  • 93 Background beads (Delica 11/o, DB 369 or DB 249)
  • 44 Snowflake beads (Delica 11/o, DB 201)
  • Thread to match
  • Bracelet and/or Earring Findings as desired

Individual Pattern is not available

Crocus in the Snow Bracelet Crocus in the Snow Bracelet
by Darling Oakes

This bracelet is made using odd count peyote stitch with crystal and seed bead embellishments. Even though this is an odd count design, Darling doesn't use the "odd count turn" as is usually required. See what she does instead!

  • A = size 8 Delica (main color)
  • B = size 8 Delica (contrast color)
  • C = size 11 seed bead (main color)
  • D = size 11 seed bead (contrast color)
  • E = 6 mm crystal
  • Beading thread and needle of choice
  • Matching button (18mm)

Individual Pattern is not available

Snow Bunny Earrings Snow Bunny Earrings
by Linda K. Hampton (Beadintrique)

These darling brick stitch charms also make adorable earrings. Change the coat and hat to blue or red and shorten hair for a cute little boy version.

  • Size 11/o Delica beads:
    #010 - 27 beads - ski poles
    #080 - 28 beads - skis
    #201 - 16 beads - skis
    #200 - 23 beads - mittens/pompom
    #072 - 139 beads - snowsuit/hat
    #764 - 12 beads - hair
    #281 - 67 beads - snowsuit trim/boots
    #1363 - 15 beads - cheeks
    #205 - 21 beads - face
    #791 - 4 beads - mouth
    #141 - 4 beads - clear loop
  • Silver jump rings or ear wires
  • Thread
  • Future floor wax

Individual Pattern is not available

Crystal Hex Herringbone Bracelet Crystal Hex Herringbone Bracelet
by Linda Gettings

Little 3mm fire-polished beads are the perfect size to pair with size 8/o Hex Delicas. Choose a clear color lined AB Delica and add sophisticated flash with the sparkle of jet black fire-polished zig-zags in this slinky herringbone cuff.

  • 316 Size 8 Hex Delicas color lined AB
  • 104 black fire-polished rounds 3mm
  • About 60 Size 11 Black seed beads for loop
  • 12 x 18mm black shank button
  • Thread to match the Delicas

Individual Pattern is not available

What's New
Birthstone Bead Kits 2010

Birthstone Bead Kits 2010
Ornament &/or Bracelet of the Month Clubs
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Each month receive a beautiful kit that includes a full color pattern with step-by-step photos & the highest quality beads & crystals. Everything you need to easily complete the project: even a needle & thread!


Enchanted Adornments
by Cynthia Thornton

This is a beautiful book filled with exquisite illustrations that accompany a delightful story in diary form about the magical journeys of a jewelry maker...and lots of wonderful info and 20 unique projects to guide you on your own jewelry making journey.

Published by: Interweave Press $24.95
Available at:

Enchanted Adornments

Seed Bead Fusion

Seed Bead Fusion
by Rachel Nelson-Smith

18 projects that push the borders of seed beading in new directions. Think layers, think 3-D, and think adding materials into your seed beads to stitch, wire, or weave contemporary edgy creations. Rachel includes tons of hint and tips as well as color variations on the projects to help you visualize how color placement can alter the whole look.
Published by: Interweave Press $24.95
Available at:

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