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Issue 21 (Jan/Feb 2009) Happy New Year Issue
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Issue 21 (Jan/Feb 2009) Happy New Year Issue

Welcome friends to issue #21
      Happy New Year! My New Years resolution is to organize my bead make room for more beads! This issue is packed with wonderful ideas to make the most of your personal bead stash. Barb Nichols treats us to a delightful 3-d accented netted hearts bracelet for Valentine's Day. Romance must be in the air because daughter Michelle sent a darling odd-count peyote bracelet of hearts & flowers. Use up your Czech mix with Dottie Hoeschen's macrame watch band - also a great way to use large focal beads. Deborah Roberti stitched up a pair of sparkling vintage-look earbobs. Sandra Halpenny's Hairpin Lace necklace features birthstone colors of garnet and amethyst. Joan Hurlbut of Pristine's shares her Alaskan Forget-me-not beaded pen and Linda Gettings offers a quicker way to stitch those gorgeous graduated seed bead collars. Enjoy!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

My Valentine Bracelet My Valentine Bracelet
by Barb A. Nichols

Create a 3-bead netted bracelet with hearts and add 3-d seed bead embellishments for added appeal.

  • 20g White size 9 seed beads (w)
  • 10 grams Red size 9 seed beads (r)
  • 1 white button with shank, 15mm
  • Thread; C-Lon D, white

Individual Pattern is not available

Wave Bead Chain Bracelet Wave Bead Chain Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Even prettier in person, this beaded chain looks as if it came from a pricey boutique. Quick to stitch!!

Materials for a 7.5" bracelet:
  • 17 Beadalon 5-hole "wave" spacers gold or silver plated, available at:
  • 126 Size 15 Japanese seed beads, gold or silver
  • 32 Daisy spacers, 4mm, gold or silver
  • Clasp of choice 9mm or smaller
  • 10lb test Fireline or stronger

Individual Pattern is not available

Dot Hearts and Flowers Bracelet Dot Hearts and Flowers Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Odd-count peyote bracelet panel uses size 11 Delica beads. Add a red bead to the center top of each heart & change the dots to white to make them into strawberries.

Delica colors and counts given for size 11 Cylinder beads to create a 7.25" bracelet:
  • 500 beads Silver-lined Gold #42
  • 800 beads Matte Black #310
  • 125 beads Green #877
  • 150 beads White #200
  • 400 beads Dark Red #753
  • 100 beads Silver-lined Red #603

Individual Pattern is not available

Macrame Watch Band Macrame Watch Band
by Dottie Hoeschen

Get out your favorite Czech bead mix and knot up a tough-wearing, one-of-a-kind watchband or focal bead band in a snap.

  • C-lon or waxed linen cord
  • Mix of Czech beads
  • Clasp of choice or self-clasp
  • Watch Face with single loop on either side or a large Focal Bead with wire loops at either end
  • Glue

Individual Pattern is not available

Beaded Earbobs Beaded Earbobs
by Deborah Roberti

Earbobs: the perfect name for these vintage-look darlings. So fun to stitch I bet you'll make several in different colors for yourself and for gifts.

  • 46 seed beads size 11
  • 6 fire-polished beads, 4mm
  • 4 glass pearls, 4mm
  • 4 lengths of chain, 3/4-inch ea.
  • 2 open jump rings, 3-4mm
  • 1 pair of ear wires
  • 2 yards of 6 lb. FireLine

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00015595 at

Hairpin Lace Necklace Hairpin Lace Necklace
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Loops & swirls of garnet seed beads lace together with Swarovski crystals in birthstone colors of garnet and amethyst. The dainty picot trim is oh-so feminine.

  • (a) Garnet size 11 Japanese seed beads, (Miyuki color #313sf)
  • (b) 63 garnet size 4mm bicone crystals
  • (c) 42 amethyst 6mm bicone crystals
  • 4 or 6lb test Fireline

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00018094 at

Beaded Pilot G-2 Pen Beaded Pilot G-2 Pen
A lesson in tubular peyote and word charts.
by Joan L. Hurlbut

Learn how to use a word chart and stitch tubular peyote while decorating a ball point pen. A wonderful gift idea!

Delica Beads, size 11, numbers and counts:
  • DB 310 (199)
  • DB 1596 (143)
  • DB 335 (54)
  • DB 243 (125)
  • DB 877 (16)
  • DB 881 (268)
  • DB 651 (26)
  • DB 163 (34)
  • DB 875 (39)
  • DB 671 (6)

Individual Pattern is not available

Herringbone Braid Bracelet, for him or her! Herringbone Braid Bracelet, for him or her!
by Deborah Moffett-Hall

Size 11 Triangles are stitched into 3 cobra chains, braided and joined into chunky tubular herringbone ends. The color choices make this either masculine or feminine so stitch a smaller version for yourself too!

Materials for 8.5" bracelet:
  • 500 Toho triangles, size 11
  • 2 Round metal beads, 7-8mm
  • 95 size 15 seed beads
  • 15mm clasp of choice
  • 8lb Fireline

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017272 at

Graduated Seed Bead Collar Graduated Seed Bead Collar
by Linda Gettings

Love the look of the wide graduated seed bead collars but hate how long they take to stitch? Cut your stitching time in half with this easy tutorial. Uses seed beads in 4 sizes! Have fun with color.

  • Seed beads in the following sizes: 6, 8, 11, 15
  • Disk beads with top hole or center hole, 8mm
  • Clasp of choice, center focal piece optional
  • Thread shows, so match color to beads

Individual Pattern is not available

What's New

For your beading pleasure:
Complete kits for Joan Hurlbut's beaded pen series available online at:
Kits include everything you need: large color charts, word charts, instructions, Delica beads, needle, thread & a pen!


Beadalon now offers a Tacky surface bead mat to keep your beads from rolling about. I gave it a test run and the beads stayed put even after I packed up the project and put it in my purse. I suggest laying the mat in an old CD case.
No residue, clean with water and air dry to re-charge the sticky.

Ask for the Beadalon Tacky Bead Mat at your favorite bead or craft shop!


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