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Issue 20 (Nov/Dec 2008) Holiday Issue
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Issue 20 (Nov/Dec 2008) Holiday Issue

Welcome friends to issue #20
      The Holidays are fast approaching; luckily there are lots of terrific gift ideas inside this issue! Linda Gettings shares a bit of square stitch magic with cubes and two-tone glass drops. Sandra D. Halpenny has created one of her signature style snowflakes in white and also shows it in bright holiday colors, perfect for on the tree or on a gift. Marilyn Peters braids 5 Spirals into 1 stunning bracelet; luscious seed bead mixes from were used to craft her design. Barb Nichols uses pearls and seed beads to fashion a delightful bracelet of linked snowflakes. Michelle was in a peyote mood and stitched both a bracelet and a pair of adorable snowmen covers for the sparkling crystal drops. Dottie Hoeschen shows us how to create a pair of beautiful boutique style earrings from just a bit of wire & 4 beads, make dozens for fast and affordable gifts! Enjoy!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Box Chain Herringbone with Coral Necklace Box Chain Herringbone with Coral Necklace
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Size 15 seed beads inside the size 11 Delica Herringbone box chain add a flash of gold that links the coral accents together.

Materials for a 18" Necklace:
  • 768 Size 11 Delicas color #373
  • 400 Gold size 15 seeds
  • 11 Round Coral beads, 6mm
  • 22 Gold spacers, 5mm
  • 1 gold toggle, 14mm
  • 6 lb test Fireline

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017268 at

Sun Chips Bracelet Sun Chips Bracelet
by Diana Wilson

Sunstone chips on a netted base brighten dark winter days. Add the side chips as you stitch the bracelet accent chips added later - easy and fun!

Materials for a 7½" Bracelet:
  • 400 Bronze size 11 seed beads
  • 84 Sunstone chips 5-6mm
  • 90 Honey luster size 8 seed beads
  • 1 shank style button, 14mm
  • 6 lb test Fireline or thread of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

5 Strand Spiral Braid Bracelet 5 Strand Spiral Braid Bracelet
by Marilyn Peters

Weave 5 strands of simple Spirals together and anchor them with panels of peyote to create this stunning bracelet rich in color and texture.

  • 2 grams of Seed Beads, size 11 (core beads)
  • 24 grams of Seed Beads, size 11 (loop beads) or 2 tubes from
  • 1 Crystal square 2-hole button, 16mm
  • 1 Plastic or metal snap, 8mm
  • Conso or Nymo thread to match, not Fireline

Individual Pattern is not available

Spiral Leaf Wire Earrings Spiral Leaf Wire Earrings
by Dottie Hoeschen

Wonderful gift idea!!! Make several pairs using different wire colors, beads, and spacers chosen especially for your friends and family.

  • 24 inches of 20 gauge wire
  • 4 daisy spacers, 4mm
  • 4 accent beads, 3mm
  • 1 pair French ear wires
  • Wire cutters
  • Round & Chain nose pliers
  • File

Individual Pattern is not available

Snowflake #55 Snowflake #55
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Unlike real snowflakes this delicate design won't melt in an instant. The circular netting motif looks very pretty in rich holiday colors too.

  • 222 White-lined crystal size 11 seed beads (a)
  • 18 White-lined crystal size 8 seed beads (b)
  • 6 Crystal AB fire polished crystals, 4mm (c)
  • 6 lb Fireline or thread of choice
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Future floor finish (wax)

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00016915 at

Christmas Ribbon Bracelet Christmas Ribbon Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

7" Odd Count Peyote Bracelet, stitch in shimmering reds & greens for holiday wear, pretty in other colors too! Change the center bead on the berries to make sweet flowers; blue or pink with yellow centers are especially cute.

Materials for a 7" panel, size 11 Delica quantities () and color #'s listed:
  • 417 Gold #410 or #42
  • 126 silver lined Pink #684
  • 705 Black #010
  • 133 Red #753
  • 265 lined Green #274
  • 265 Green #655
  • Clasp of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

Darling Drops Bracelet Darling Drops Bracelet
by Linda Gettings

2-tone teardrops on seed bead loops add fun movement to this easy to stitch, but oh so dramatic, square stitched cube cuff bracelet.

Materials for a 6½" Bracelet (made to fit snug on the wrist):
  • 356 Purple color-lined cubes, 3mm
  • 225 Purple 2-tone drops, 4x6mm, hole side to side through small end
  • 560 Dark Purple seed beads, size 8
  • 1200 Light purple seed beads, size 11
  • 1 glass button, 16mm or clasp of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

Snowmen Crystal Drops Snowmen Crystal Drops
by Michelle Hall

Size 11 Delicas are stitched into an even count peyote panel that wraps around a 3" lead crystal drop for a gorgeous tree ornament or window decoration. Quick to stitch, make several for gift giving.

Materials (makes one)
  • 3 inch cut spear crystal drops available at:, model # 00000178
  • Blue thread
  • Size 11 Delica quantities and color #'s listed:
    266 Blue #377
    174 White #201
    111 Gold #42
    15 Orange #1133
    60 Red #753
    41 Gray #630
    11 Black #010

Individual Pattern is not available

Wintry Pearls Bracelet Wintry Pearls Bracelet
by Barbara Nichols

This delightful bracelet links six pearl centered seed bead netted elements with additional beads & pearls to create a delicate and lacy design.

  • 13 Cream glass pearls, 6mm
  • 20 grams Pearl White size 9 seed beads
  • Pearl White button with shank, 15 mm
  • Thread: C-Lon D, white or cream

Individual Pattern is not available

What's New
12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Ornament of the Month Club
from Deb Moffett-Hall

For each ornament you stitch just three beautiful peyote panels featuring an image from the classic holiday song. The panels are then joined with sparkling swags of seed beads and crystals and draped over a glass ball to create a stunning ornament. A new kit ships each month. Each kit includes everything you need: detailed step-by-step instructions, needle, thread, glass ornament, & all the Delicas, Japanese seed beads, and Swarovski crystals.

Visit: for details on the 12 days of Christmas ornament of the month club. A brand new Birthstone Crystals ornament of the month club for 2009 is also available! Email: with any questions.

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