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Issue 19 (Sep/Oct 2008) Autumn Issue
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Issue 19 (Sep/Oct 2008) Autumn Issue

Welcome friends to issue #19
      This issue has a definite fall flavor; Linda Gettings shows some Autumn color with her cascading leaves in. . . purple! Sandra D. Halpenny has created one of her signature style delicate necklaces with russet cubes & seeds. Marilyn Peters has crafted a swirling confection of pearls and beads, compliments galore! Michelle offers a quick to stitch "Chunky" necklace with size 6 and size 8 seed beads. Diana Wilson uses back to school supplies in her hidden clasp beaded bead. Julie Ann Smith teaches us how to make a glowing copper bracelet from jump rings for him or her! By popular request the remaining two horse panels are included for the Merry-go-round ornament - part 2. Enjoy!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Silver & Bronze Daisies Silver & Bronze Daisies
by Michelle Hall

Begin with a round of Right-Angle-Weave using bronze lined seeds and daisy spacers. Add silver seed bead details and more daisy spacers to complete the design.

  • Approximately 400 size 11 crystal bronze lined seed beads
  • Approximately 500 size 15 silver seed beads
  • 75 size 5mm silver daisy spacers
  • One 11mm silver toggle clasp
  • Fireline 6lb test

Individual Pattern is not available

Pencil Grip Beaded Bead Pencil Grip Beaded Bead
by Diana Wilson

Back to school supplies aren't just for kids! Cut colorful dense foam pencil grippers down to size and wrap them with beads to create a lightweight oversize beaded bead that slides up and down to hide the spring ring clasp.

  • 22 Unikite rounds, 4mm
  • 11 grams gold luster size 15 seeds (small seed)
  • About 1 gram green lined ab size 11 (medium seed)
  • About 1 gram gold luster size 8 seed beads (large seed)
  • 21 green ab bicone crystals, 4mm
  • 42 bronze/green cubes, 3mm
  • 1 pearl or other large bead, 8mm
  • 2 jump rings: 4.5mm
  • 1 jump ring: 6mm
  • 1 spring ring clasp: 6mm

Individual Pattern is not available

Czech Leaf Cascade Czech Leaf Cascade
by Linda Gettings

Ladder stitch and flat herringbone are combined for the beaded collar. Czech pressed-glass leaves form the cascade. Fabulous in fall or spring colors!

  • 52 light purple leaves 9x12mm, hole runs stem to point
  • 38 dark purple leaves 12x10mm, hole runs stem to point
  • 930 matte purple transparent size 8 seed beads
  • 247 purple size 11 seed beads
  • 250 light purple size 15 seed beads
  • 1 clear, shank style glass button, 14mm, or clasp of choice
  • Thread to match the seed beads

Individual Pattern is not available

Swirling Pearls Bracelet Swirling Pearls Bracelet
by Marilyn Peters

Seed beads in 3 sizes are intertwined with bugles and pearls in this ruffled & lacy bracelet. Exquisite!

  • 16 potato pearls, 6mm
  • 64 bugles, 3.5 or 4mm
  • 17 size 8 seed beads
  • 192 size 11 color A
  • 96 size 11 color B
  • 500 size 15 seed beads
  • 2 jump rings, 6mm
  • 1 box clasp 10x12mm
  • Thread of choice
  • Fine needle

Individual Pattern is not available

Merry-Go-Round Ornament Merry-Go-Round Ornament part II
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Part two continued from last issue (Issue 18) introduces two new horse designs. The entire ornament only uses three panels so mix or match as you desire. Use even-count peyote for the band and add brick stitch points.

  • Delica size 11, color #'s - number of beads:
    410 gold - 1,171
    721 Yellow - 62
    351 white - 573
    307 gray - 135
    654 red - 444
    726 blue - 80
    656 green - 219
    651 orange - 85
    010 black - 70
    725 background - 1,206
    794 brown - 59
  • Fringe & Trim Beads:
    30 round 2 mm gold
    6 round 4mm gold corrugated
    6 bicone 6 mm gold corrugated
    48 disk 5 mm gold heishe
    18 light blue 6 mm fire polish
    16 red 4 mm fire polish
    52 gold 9 mm silver-lined bugles
  • Ornament 2-5/8"
  • Fireline 6lb test

Individual Pattern is not available

Chrysanthemum Petals Necklace Chrysanthemum Petals Necklace
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Swirls of seed beads and gleaming cubes create a softly curving necklace in Sandra' signature style that glows with the warm russet of autumn leaves.

  • Miyuki size 11 seed #5F
  • Miyuki size 8 seed #5F
  • Miyuki 4mm cube root beer
  • Thread of choice
  • Fine needle

Individual Pattern is not available

Pumpkin Vine Peyote Bracelet Pumpkin Vine Peyote Bracelet

Odd-count 7" peyote panel can be worked even-count by dropping a side row of gold; add it later using brick stitch.
Also looks pretty with a light blue or cream background.

  • Size 11 Delica color numbers (number of beads):
    Gold #410 or 42 (227)
    Green #754 (451)
    Yellow #751 (76)
    Lt Orange #651 (140)
    Black #310 (800)
    Orange #752 (201)
    Brown #764 (24)
  • Clasp of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

Elegant Chunk Necklace Elegant Chunk Necklace
by Michelle Hall

Size 6 and size 8 seed beads are quickly worked into a slinky 18" herringbone box chain. Two rows of accent loops add drama and dimension to the center of the necklace.

  • 314 size 6 seed beads, gold-lined crystal
  • 349 size 8 seed beads, bronze metallic
  • 86 size 11 seed beads, bronze metallic
  • 34 bugles, 4mm, bronze metallic
  • Bronze toggle set, 15mm
  • Fireline 6lb test

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017269 at

Hers & His Copper Links Bracelet Hers & His Copper Links Bracelet
by Julie Ann Smith

Create this chain bracelet with antiqued copper jump rings.
Keep it plain and simple for him or add beaded dangles or charms for her.

  • Hers & His:
    66 large copper 18 gauge jump rings: 8mm outside, 6mm inside
    50 small copper 18 gauge jump rings: 6mm outside, 4mm inside
    Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, eye protection
    Clasp of choice
  • Hers:
    22 additional small copper 18 gauge jump rings: 6mm outside, 4mm inside
    10 matte clear root beer rounds, 10mm
    20 copper bead caps to fit rounds
    17-22 Turquoise heishe, 6mm
    22 size 80 copper seed beads
    36" 18 gauge copper wire or 22 copper headpins, 1.5"

Individual Pattern is not available

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