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Issue 16 (Mar/Apr 2008) Spring Issue
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Issue 16 (Mar/Apr 2008) Spring Issue

Welcome friends to issue #16
      Is there a hint of spring in the air? It must be on the way because seed catalogs are filling my mailbox, my daffodil shoots are about 2" high and my cabin fever is in full bloom. Good thing I have my beads to keep me entertained.

      This issue is full of lovely spring inspired projects in a full range of techniques to keep you busy too! Deborah Roberti and Shirley Isaacs have created two stunning bracelet designs based on Right-Angle weave. Sharon Boehme shares a darling bead crochet pattern with bumble bees and flowers. Speaking of flowers, Juanita Carlos and Linda Gettings have bracelets that are blooming in Loom, Herringbone or Square-stitch, take your choice.    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Crystal Lace Crystal Lace
by Deborah Roberti

Stitch a lacy intricate-looking seed bead & crystal confection that will be the hit of the next bead gathering!

Materials for a 7" bracelet:
  • 350 Bronze size 11
  • 104 Hyacinth 4mm bicone crystals
  • 1 Gold clasp 12-16mm
  • FireLine 6 lb test

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014644 at

Bees & Blossoms Bees & Blossoms
by Sharon Boehme

Pick your favorite background color and crochet these delightful bees with colorful blossoms. Add a clasp or make a bangle - your choice.

  • A - Background (size 11 seed beads)
  • B - Black (size 11 seed beads)
  • Y - Yellow (size 11 seed beads)
  • R - Red (size 11 seed beads)
  • G - Green (size 11 seed beads)
  • Big Eye Needle
  • Top Stitching Thread to match background beads
  • Clasp - Blue bracelet: 6mm magnetic clasp
  • Crystal Detail - White bracelet: 2 gold 7mm Bali stars, 1 6mm bicone crystal

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014801 at

Pretty in Pink Pretty in Pink
by Shirley Isaacs

Cleverly combine Right-Angle-Weave and 3-bead netting to make a supple cuff bracelet with plenty of flash.

  • 80 Salmon pink or blue 3mm fire-polished beads
  • 5 grams size 11 seed beads to match
  • Thread to match beads as a tiny bit shows while working the right-angle-weave
  • 1 Large 12-18mm faceted bead or button for clasp

Individual Pattern is not available

Peace Lily Earrings Peace Lily Earrings
by Starr Design

Follow the color chart to brick stitch a pair of 3-D Lily Earrings with crystal accented dangles, a lovely symbol of spring.
The graceful shape of these lily blooms will enhance any spring outfit. Brick-stitched with 3-D accents in size 15 seed beads the pair measure 3/4" wide by 3" long including the darling crystal and seed bead fringe dangles.

  • 10 Chrysolite bicone crystals, 4mm
  • 2 Gold Jumprings, 4mm
  • 2 Gold Earring Findings
  • Thread of choice
  • Size 15 seed beads in the following colors and quantities
    108 Ceylon Light Yellow
    258 Silver-lined Gold
    38 Silver-lined Yellow Green
    274 Silver-lined Peridot
    46 Silver-lined Crystal
    256 Opaque White

Individual Pattern is not available

Herringbone & Pearl Triple Spiral Herringbone & Pearl Triple Spiral
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Working tubular herringbone stitch with size 10 Delicas and then work 3 rows of pearl swags to make a sumptuous necklace.

  • 118 steel size 15
  • 96 silver size 11
  • 240 steel #021 Delica size 10
  • 240 silver #032 Delica size 10
  • 98 Hematite size 8
  • 98 silver metal size 6
  • 196 silver daisy 4mm
  • 48 peacock round or coin pearls 6mm
  • 1 silver toggle 16mm
  • Fireline 6lb test
  • Fine needle to fit through pearls

Individual Pattern is not available

Spring Tulips Bracelets Spring Tulips Bracelets
by Juanita Carlos

Weave size 11 seed beads or Delicas on a loom or flat herringbone to make these lovely bracelets. Includes a word pattern and a color chart.

Delica size 11 Seeds can be used but the sample bracelets were made with size 11 seed beads. The Miyuki seed bead colors/codes are as follows.
  • Loom bracelet:
    T11 F401 Black matte opaque
    T11 F004 SL Gold matte
    T11 F643A SL Chartreuse matte AB
    T11 553 Gilt lined peach opal
  • Herringbone Bracelet:
    T11 F634 SL Gold matte AB
    T11 F402A White matte opaque
    T11 452 Purple Iris
    T11 F650 SL Olivine matte AB
    T11 585 Gilt lined strawberry opal

Individual Pattern is not available

Mother of Pearl Button Blooms Mother of Pearl Button Blooms
by Linda Gettings

Square stitch a quick base and brick stitch a few leaves to accent these glowing mother of pearl carved buttons.

  • 436 Clear Peridot AB size 8 hex beads
  • 200 Medium Green Size 11 Delica beads
  • 200 Yellow Green Size 11 Delica beads
  • 120 Medium Blue Size 11 Delica beads
  • 120 Light Blue size 11 Delica beads
  • 66 mini drops in a mix of colors to match Delica beads
  • 6 Mother of Pearl buttons, 17mm
  • 10 Mother of Pearl buttons, 12mm
  • Fireline, 6lb test

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00017176 at

10 to 15 Bracelet 10 to 15 Bracelet
by Michelle Hall

Combine size 10 Delicas with size 15 seeds to make a sleek and classic tubular herringbone bracelet you can wear with anything!

Materialsfor a 7.5" bracelet including the clasp:
  • 632 Hematite size 10 Delicas
  • 336 Gold size 15 seed beads
  • 4 Gold daisy spacers, 5mm
  • 2 Gold textured rounds, 6mm
  • 1 gold snap clasp, 9mm (sometimes called a "trailer hitch" clasp)
  • Fireline 6 lb test or thread of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

Pearl Links Pearl Links
by Diana Wilson

Combine size 8 Delicas with button pearls to create unique square links in this delicate and feminine bracelet.

Materials for a 7" bracelet
  • 50 size 8 Delicas
  • 42 button pearls, 5mm
  • 21 size 15 seed beads

Individual Pattern is not available

Beaded Aquarium
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