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Issue 15 (Jan/Feb 2008) Bracelets Issue
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Issue 15 (Jan/Feb 2008) Bracelets Issue

Welcome friends to issue #15
      Happy New Year! These are my favorite months to bead, bead, BEAD! The major holidays are over, the guests have gone home, the kids are entertained by their new games (at least for a little while) and I have bead gift certificates from my thoughtful family & friends that allow me to indulge in some guilt-free bead feasts.

      This is also the time when I like to explore new techniques, something a little different or even a bit challenging. Dottie Hoeschen has given us an Uneven Herringbone bracelet to try using two very divergent seed bead sizes - unique! Sandra D. Halpenny has out-done herself with a clever string of fire-polished and seed bead hearts. Welcome Shirley Isaacs! Learn odd-count peyote making her gorgeous gold and jewel-tone cuff bracelet. I have presented my newest experiment: Counted Bead Macrame - It takes a little time to set up but then moves along nicely, hope you enjoy all the wonderful projects.    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Crystal Heart Charm Crystal Heart Charm
by Diana Wilson

Stitch a lacy seed bead bezel for the lovely heart shape crystals from Swarovski. The open-work sides allow the light inside the crystal for maximum flash & sparkle.

Completed charm is 1" long from loop top to point.

  • Swarovski Crystal Heat pendant, 18 x 17.5mm (#6202 pink)
  • 23 Pink matte silver-lined (#585) seed beads size 11
  • 100 or so Silver metallic (#181) seed beads size 15
  • Fireline 6lb test, thin needle to go through 15's

Individual Pattern is not available

Sweet Heart Roses Sweet Heart Roses Secret Compartment Perfume Vial

The top unscrews to reveal a removable tiny glass vial with a plastic perfume dauber for your favorite scent, a black satin neck cord with a gold clasp.

  • Size 11 Delica Beads:
    #10 Black (318)
    #169 Light Green (50)
    #207 Pink (62)
    #877 Medium Green (68)
    #362 Dark Pink (84)
  • Fireline: 6 or 8 lb test<
  • Smooth flat nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Order vial from Toika Bridges at
    Note: is no longer in business.

Individual Pattern is not available

Seeded Chains Seeded Chains

Use simple tools to make a custom multi-strand chain bracelet cleverly accented with seed beads. Silver-tone findings from the craft store simply LOOK expensive.

Materials for 7½" bracelet:
  • 24" of even link chain, silver round mesh style from Halcraft "bead gallery" shown but any chain with small, evenly spaced links would work
  • 2 silver-tone cones, 8x20mm = 6mm inside opening x 20mm length
  • 2 silver-tone eyepins, 1½"
  • 3 silver open jumprings, 5mm
  • 1 silver-tone toggle, 18mm
  • Assorted seed beads, size 10 silver Delicas, size 11 seeds in silver and hematite
  • Fireline 8lb test
  • Tools: Round nose pliers, wire cutter, needle, ruler

Individual Pattern is not available

Poppy Blossom Poppy Blossom Counted Bead Macrame

Follow the color chart to string Delica beads onto C-Lon cords between double rows of Half-Hitch knots.

Materials for a 2.5" x 4" purse:
  • Black C-lon cord
  • Foil
  • Nail polish
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cork board
  • T-pins
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • 2.5" x 4" Zippered Coin purse or 6" x 5" piece of lining fabric and a 4" zipper.
    Leather Coin Purse - Small Zippered:
  • Size 11 Cylinder Beads in the following colors:
    #010 Black 235 beads
    #741 Grey 6 beads
    #035 Silver 1329 beads
    #656 Dark Green 92 beads
    #877 Medium Green 228 beads
    #876 Light Green 28 beads
    872 Peach 414 beads
    #744 Orange 542 beads
    #378 Red 648 beads
    Flower background, blue/lavender on chart, is 2 blacks mixed & used as one #010 with #310

Individual Pattern is not available

Fire-Polished Corsage Fire-Polished Corsage
by Linda Gettings

Lots of eye-catching movement and razzle-dazzle sparkle in this brick stitch and stringing 7" bracelet with a fire-polished fringed center!

  • 48 black size 15 seed beads
  • 66 black size 11 seed beads
  • 149 blue fire-polished oval, 3mm
  • 9 black fire-polished oval, 3mm
  • 20 ice blue cubes, 4mm
  • 76 black mix cubes, 4mm
  • 68 black shiny rounds, 4mm
  • Glass Shank Button
  • Fireline 8lb test

Individual Pattern is not available

Encrusted Uneven Herringbone Bracelet Encrusted Uneven Herringbone Bracelet
by Dottie Hoeschen

Working flat herringbone stitch with both size 11 seed beads and size 6 seed beads creates a wonderfully supple textured bracelet base that is very easy to embellish with all those lovely odds and ends in your bead dish.

Materials for 6.5" Bracelet Base:
  • 185 Matte Violet size 11 seed beads (A)
  • 28 Purple Iris size 8 seed beads (B)
  • 152 Dark glossy Green size 6 seed beads (C)
  • 1 Flower bead, 12mm for clasp
  • Dark thread to match size 6 seed beads
  • Embellishments: anything goes; pearls, crystals, seeds, drops and bugles

Individual Pattern is not available

Garnet Hearts Bracelet Garnet Hearts Bracelet
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Weave size 11 seed beads and 4mm fire-polished beads into a garland of lacy hearts to wear on your wrist. Make a longer garland for a matching choker.

  • 750 Delica size 11: color #115
  • 43 Garnet Fire-Polished beads, 4mm
  • Fireline 6lb test or Nymo D or C-lon

Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014679 at

Geometric Cuff Bracelet Geometric Cuff Bracelet
by Shirley Isaacs

Shirley needed a gold bracelet to match a particular outfit and encourages you to select accent colors to suit your style & wardrobe. Odd count peyote is used to stitch the entire 7" bracelet, including the clasp!

  • Gold Nymo D or Fireline 8lb test
  • Size 11 Delica Cylinder beads in the following colors:
    4 grams each: #42 Gold & #07 Brown Iris - Mix and use as one color
    3 grams #23 Metallic Bronze Iris
    1 gram each: #340 Pink, #27 Metallic Teal, #609 Silver lined purple

Individual Pattern is not available

Checkered 11's Checkered 11's
by Michelle Hall

When does even-count peyote not look like peyote? When you combine size 11 Delicas with size 8 Delicas! A quick-to-stitch project that is easy to customize by changing the bead colors and finishes.

Materials for 7¼" with clasp:
  • Red-Silver-Black Version
    60 Silver size 8 Delicas (large)
    74 Black size 11 Delicas (Small)
    60 Red size 11 Delicas (Small)
    2 silver 4mm daisy spacers
    1 silver snap clasp or trailer hitch clasp
    8 lb Fireline
  • Bronze Version
    60 Bronze size 8 Delicas
    134 Pink/bronze # 1010 size 11 Delicas
    2 gold 4mm spacers
    1 antique gold toggle clasp, 12mm square
    8 lb Fireline

Individual Pattern is not available

Meet the Artist: Yvonne Irvin
Meet the Artist: Yvonne Irvin

What's New
Hidden Compartment Keychains

Carlene Cooley-Brown & Wayne Goodharts are proud to present a collection of 20 beautiful Cover Designs for the Hidden Compartment Keychains.

Full Color Graphs, Word Charts, and Delica color numbers are listed for each design.

Thundercloud Designs

A line of innovative, colorfully hand-painted, hand-cut, drilled shapes and links to excite your creative juices!

Wonderfully complete kits are available for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. So easy to assemble and great fun to wear.

The snowflakes range in size from 1½" up to a fabulous 4" stunner. The instructions are well written step-by-step and the large illustrations are color coded so even beginners will enjoy the delightful projects.

Order yours today and let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Visit: to see all of the wonderful colorways and shapes Yvonne has created for us to play with!



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