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Issue 11 (May/Jun 2007) Garden Colors Issue
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Issue 11 (May/Jun 2007) Garden Colors Issue

Welcome friends to issue #11
     It is so nice to see bright colors again when I look out the window! The grass is vibrant green and the flowers are stunning. This issue is full of projects with garden inspired colors. Julie Ann Smith shares an exuberant flower bracelet in both two drop and regular peyote. Learn to tie a slinky snake knot necklace with Dottie Hoeschen and embellish the knotted cord with a tangled garden of beads. Sandra D. Halpenny has created a fringe-y sunburst seed bead bracelet that shines with round crystal centers. Marilyn Peters has prepared a fabulous 3-D right angle weave bracelet encrusted with crystals – yummy in any color combo! Make a pair of St. Petersburg Chain earrings to match with Pamela Welborn's pattern.

Lots of projects to keep you in stitches as the weather warms. Have a little fun and play with your color choices. Pick a bouquet of flowers and use the blooms as your bead color palette, the results will be naturally beautiful!    Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Eyes of Horus Egyptian Butterfly Eyes of Horus Egyptian Butterfly
by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Elizabeth combined mirror images of the traditional Eye of Horus cartouche to create this wonderful butterfly Odd Count Peyote design

Materials (size 11 Delica colors and number listed):
(Double the bead amounts to make a 2-sided amulet)
  • 794 Black #010
  • 386 Gold #031
  • 1163 Red #727
  • Thread of choice to match

Individual Pattern is not available

Bronze Necklace Bronze Necklace
by Diana Wilson

Gleaming bronze bugles, triangles, & crystals make a chunky, fun, linked-look 18" herringbone necklace.

  • 430 Bronze Toho Triangles, size 11/0
  • 96 Gold corrugated metal rounds, 3mm
  • 3 Gold corrugated metal rounds, 5mm
  • 48 Bronze silver-lined bugles, 9mm
  • 12 Smokey topaz Bicone Swarovski crystals, 4mm
  • 12 Smokey topaz light Bicone Swarovski crystals, 3mm
  • Antique gold or Bronze Toggle Clasp, 12mm
  • Fireline 6lb test or thread of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

Tracey's Garden Bracelet Tracey's Garden Bracelet
by Julie Ann Smith

Two charts! Regular peyote and 2-drop complete with step by step instructions! 7¼ inches long x 1-3/8 inches wide.

Materials for odd count 2-drop peyote pattern:
  • Flowers
    #160 Yellow 173 beads
    #161 Orange 94 beads
    #1371 Pink 278 beads
    #214 Red 228 beads
    #1379 Purple 173 beads
    #163 Green 257 beads<
  • Ground
    #629 Light Purple 284 beads
    #117 Dark Purple 218 beads
  • Sky
    #239 Light Blue 558 beads
    #164 Medium Blue 31 beads
  • Also Needed:
    156 Gold Seed Beads, Size 11
    Clasp of choice
    Beading thread of choice

Materials for odd count regular peyote pattern:
  • Flowers
    #160 Yellow 130 beads
    #161 Orange 111 beads
    #1371 Pink 322 beads
    #214 Red 245 beads
    #1379 Purple 208 beads
    #163 Green 254 beads
  • Ground
    #629 Light Purple 283 beads
    #117 Dark Purple 200 beads
  • Sky
    #239 Light Blue 465 beads
    #164 Medium Blue 35 beads
  • Also Needed:
    156 Gold Seed Beads, Size 11
    Clasp of choice
    Beading thread of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

St. Petersburg Chain Earrings St. Petersburg Chain Earrings
by Pamela Welborn

These delicate leaf earrings are dainty 1 inch treasures when stitched in size 15 seeds. For a more dramatic 1 & 3/4" dangle use size 11 seeds.

  • 106 Seed beads in main color, size 15 (or 11)
  • 80 Seed beads in accent color, size 15 (or 11)
  • Nymo thread size B to match main color beads
  • Earring findings of choice
  • Future brand floor wax

Individual Pattern is not available

3-Dimensional Right Angle Weave Bracelet 3-Dimensional Right Angle Weave Bracelet with Crystal Embellishments
by Marilyn Peters

Stitch a supple base of Delica bead Right Angle Weave boxes; add crystal accents to three sides to create a stunning bracelet that looks fabulous in many different color combinations.
You can substitute 4mm pearls, 5/o triangles or 4mm gemstones for a different look; Garnet version at the end of the pattern.

  • 3 grams Size 11 Delica cylinder beads for the bracelet base
  • Approximately 70 light color and 70 darker color 4mm Bicone crystals;
    The exact number needed will be determined by the bracelet length
  • 300 size 15 seed beads in a complementary color
  • Toggle clasp, size 9mm to 12mm
  • Nymo, size D or SONO thread to match the Delica beads - do not double the thread
  • Size 12 beading needle

Individual Pattern is not available

Bead Society Notes
Bead Society Notes

Tangled Garden Tangled Garden
by Dottie Hoeschen

Learn how to make the slinky Snake Knot cord & decorate the center with a garden of spring leaves, flowers and bead buds.
18" long as shown.

  • Satin cord
    Green Cord is 9mm thick when knotted with 2mm satin (rattail) cord, 6 knots per inch. Two strands each 8 inches, rattail cord needed for each inch of knotted cord. Black & White step-by-step cord is 6mm thick when knotted with 1.5mm (mousetail) cord, 9 knots per inch. Two strands, each 5 inches, mousetail cord needed for each inch of knotted cord.
    Multiply the desired necklace length x 8 x 2 plus 10" for rattail cord
    (18" necklace = 298" or 25 feet or 9 yards)
    Multiply the desired necklace length x 5 x 2 plus 8" for bugtail cord
    (18" necklace = 188" or 16 feet, or 6 yards)
  • Beads
    12 Frosted AB pink flat glass daisy flowers, 8mm
    12 Clear yellow buttercup glass flowers, 9mm
    6 Clear yellow tulip glass flowers, 6mm
    12 Green AB glass leaves, 12mm
    12 bi-colored green/yellow glass leaves, 12mm
    6 each size faceted green stone or glass rondelles, 4mm, 6mm, & 8mm
    An assortment of firepolished glass, seed beads in various colors & sizes
    1 gold shank button, 18mm
  • Copper wire 24 gauge
  • Waxed linen thread: green/yellow

Individual Pattern is not available

Sunburst Bracelet Sunburst Bracelet
by Sandra D. Halpenny

Faceted crystals form the center of each sunburst blossom. They wink and glitter among the spiky aster-type seed bead petals. 10 blooms link together for a 7½" bracelet.

  • 10 round crystals, 6mm
  • 1200 seed beads, size 11
  • Nymo B or heavier to match seeds
  • Clasp of choice

Individual Pattern is not available

True-Cuts & Pearls Bracelet True-Cuts & Pearls Bracelet
by Deb Moffett-Hall

24K gold electroplated 15/o True-Cuts are accented with vermeil daisy spacers, and creamy potato pearls a vermeil toggle clasp is the perfect finishing touch. Pricey but worth it! 7 3/4" length.

  • 502 Gold 24k Electroplate True-Cuts size 15/0 (seeds facetted to catch the light)
  • 12 Vermeil Daisy spacers, 4mm
  • 6 Cream Freshwater pearls, 5-6mm
  • 1 Vermeil toggle clasp with 1 jumpring on bar half, 12mm
  • Fireline 4 or 6lb test size, or select thread of choice
  • Thin beading needle

Individual Pattern is not available

Cubed V Necklace Cubed V Necklace
by Linda Gettings

Brick stitch an 18" fringed v-shaped necklace with a strong punch of color beautifully accented with black.

  • 4mm cubes in the following colors and amounts:
    Black Matte, 100
    Black Gloss, 100
    Fuchsia lined Crystal, 123
    Silver lined Crystal, 163
  • 6mm Black facetted rondelles, 7
  • 6mm Clear frosted rondelles, 14
  • 6mm Fuchsia "pearls", 7
  • 3.5mm Black opaque rounds, 7
  • Size 11 Delicas, DB 10, Gloss black, 1 gram
  • 22mm Black round glass button
  • Nymo or thread of choice to match

Individual Pattern is not available

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Bracelet Pattern Collection 2007
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