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Issue 4 (Mar/Apr 2006) Peyote Issue
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Issue 4 (Mar/Apr 2006) Peyote Issue

     Welcome friends to issue #4. A recent survey in a popular beading magazine found that many folks wanted to see more Peyote projects included in the line up. Since we are all about giving you, the beader, what you want this issue is brimming with peyote stitched treasures. Try Linda Gettings "Graph-Free" word pattern to stitch a dramatic striped peyote bracelet without needing to keep track of your place on a color graph. Gail Devoid of Need For Beads Inc. shares a quick to stitch 2-drop Peyote Bracelet dripping with crystals. I have added 2 Spring Holiday items; an Easter egg styled after Ukrainian folk art eggs and an Irish Kiss pin in Brick stitch - a Peyote stitch cousin. Check out the neat hidden compartment key fob for a great gift idea.   Deb Moffett-Hall - Editor

Irish Kiss Irish Kiss

A four leaf clover adorns a Celtic Style X. The X is for "kiss".
Brick stitch for St. Patrick's Day but wear this "Kiss Me I'm Irish" pin all year long.

Materials list for one 1¾ x 2 inch panel:
  • #310 Black, 449 size 11 Delica beads
  • #410 Gold, 361 size 11 Delica beads
  • #877 Light Green, size 11 Delica beads
  • #373 Dark Green, size 11 Delica beads
  • Finding of choice depending on use selected; pin back, magnet, ribbon book mark
  • Future floor wax was used to stiffen the completed beadwork
  • Fine Beading Needle, size 10
  • Fireline or thread of choice
Individual Pattern is not available

Golden Braid Necklace Golden Braid Necklace

Circular Herringbone stitches join size 15 seed beads, tiny bugles, and gold drenched crystals into a dazzling necklace for office or evening.

Materials List:
  • Seed beads, Gold 24K Electroplate, size 15
  • Daisy Spacer beads, Vermeil or gold, 3mm
  • Bicone Crystals, Aurum 2x, 3mm
  • Bugles, Bronze, 1mm x 3mm
  • Clasp, Vermeil, 10mm
  • Berkley Fireline 4lb test size or thread of choice
  • Fine beading needle thin enough to fit through 15's three times
Individual Pattern is not available

Crystal 2-Drop Bracelet Crystal 2-Drop Bracelet
by Gail Devoid, NeedForBeads Inc.

Quick to Stitch! 2-Drop Peyote bracelet glitters with crystals.
Bonus: Peyote toggle instructions included.

Materials needed for one 8 inch bracelet with self toggle:
  • 1200 silver lined seed beads, size 10 or twisted hex, size 10/11
  • 300 accent color seed beads, size 11
  • 34 Swarovski bicones, size 4mm
  • Thread of choice
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00015811 at

How-To: A coloring Book For Beaders How-To: A coloring Book For Beaders
By Charlene Hughes A.K.A Beady Boop!

Charlene graciously granted permission for us to share a few pages from her new book: Beadin' With Beady Boop Vol 3.

Simple Fibula Simple Fibula
by Dottie Hoeschen

An assortment of interesting beads, & a few quick twists with pliers is all it takes to make a these unique pins that look like expensive boutique treasures.

Materials needed to make one 2 to 3 inch pin:
  • 12 inches 18 or 20 g. sterling silver wire, half hard
  • 24 inches 24g. sterling silver wire
  • An odd number of assorted beads ranging in size from 4mm to 12 mm
  • Select a large central focal bead and add more beads until pin is desired size

Tools: chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, & metal file

Similar, Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014296 at

Ukrainian Folk Art Peyote Egg Ukrainian Folk Art Peyote Egg
by Deb Moffett-Hall

A band of Psanky inspired designs decorate a hen size pastel painted wooden egg.

Materials Needed:
  • 1 Hen size wooden egg, 2½" high x 1¾" wide (SEARCH 18854 at
  • 1 wooden egg stand
  • Craft paint; Lt blue & Gold
  • Paintbrush
  • Thread of choice
Individual Pattern is not available

Leafy Pearls Leafy Pearls
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Dramatic without overpowering this box-chain herringbone & fringe design is sure to attract its share of compliments.

Materials needed for 20" necklace shown
  • 11 grams silver or gunmetal color size 15 Japanese seed beads
  • 91 Peacock Button Pearls each 3-4 mm (or use 3mm bicone crystals)
  • 6 Bali Silver style fancy beads, each 9mm (4 for choker length)
  • 12 Silver Bali style bead caps, 4mm (8 for choker length)
  • 1 Silver "S" clasp 20mm, 2 jump rings, 6mm each
  • Fireline 3lb test or thread of choice
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00014114 at

Peyote Tulip Keychain Peyote Tulip Keychain
by Deb Moffett-Hall

Odd count peyote band circles a metal tube to create a sturdy and beautiful key fob. Kit features 24k gold accents!

Materials needed:
Size 11 Delica Beads show; DB# - Color - (Amount)
  • #883 Cream (319)
  • #654 Red (133)
  • #754 Dr Green (51)
  • #361 Blue (194)
  • #201 White (88)
  • #410 Gold (121)m use #42 if you have problems with galvanized colors
  • 1 Secret Compartment Key Chain kit, available at, SEARCH using: 00011909
  • 4lb test Berkley Fireline used to stitch sample
Individual Pattern is not available

Purple Hex & Crystal Bracelet Purple Hex & Crystal Bracelet
by Diana Wilson
Ladder stitch a base of Hex beads & embellish! Only ½ inch wide this dainty little sparkler is supple & easy to wear.

Materials Needed for 7½" bracelet as shown:
  • 67 Hex Beads, size 8 Matte Metallic Purple Iris
  • 66 Bicone Crystals, 4mm, Color to match Hex Beads
  • 64 Seed Beads, Size 11 Silver
  • 88 Seed Beads, Size 15 Silver lined crystal
  • 1 Clasp, 9mm Silver Snap clasp shown, a toggle is also a good choice
  • 4 lb test Fireline or thread of choice, needle that fits through size 15 seed beads
Individual Pattern is not available

Yikes Stripes Yikes, Stripes!
by Linda Gettings
Linda's easy to follow row-by-row written beading color list allows you to create a lovely diagonal striped bracelet without following a color or symbol graph!

Materials needed to create a 7" long x ¾" wide Bracelet:
  • 1 glass button, 20 mm
  • Thread of choice
  • #310 Black, 5 grams, size 11 Delica Beads
  • #651 Yellow, 1½ grams, size 11 Delica Beads
  • #694 Purple, 1½ grams, size 11 Delica Beads
  • #274 Green, 1½ grams, size 11 Delica Beads
Individual Pattern available, SEARCH using: 00013196 at

Chase Designs Chase Designs

Meet Deanna and Greg Chase, this husband and wife team travel year-round in their R-V home while they create gorgeous lampwork beads, marbles, and figures. That's Disney, their Golden Retriever. They also travel with Sweetie, a Gold Capped Conure - pretty bird!

Product and Book Reviews
Accu-Flex Professional Quality Beading Wire

   A Fire Mountain Gems and Beads announces hot new colors of Accu-Flex Professional Quality Beading Wire. Rated #1 in independent lab tests.
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   I like the way the white enhances clear bead colors. To order, for more information, or to request a free catalog please visit their website at:
Magical Crimp Forming Tool

   Turn a tubular crimp bead into a more appealing round bead with just a few squeezes from this patented tool.  
   Created exclusively for use with 2mm sterling silver or gold filled tubular crimp beads and .019” wire the Magical Crimp Forming Tool will help create a more professional finish for your fine jewelry projects.
   I tested this new tool myself and it really works!
Ask your favorite shop to order one for you today. Advance orders are being accepted, product available spring/summer 06.
The Bead Directory
The Bead Directory:

   ThesElise presents an overview of modern beads, items you can buy and use today.  Full color photos, clear descriptions, even how large the stringing hole is!
   Beads are listed by material and are easy to access with the index. Spiral bound with a sturdy cover, which is a good thing because this book will get a workout!

Interweave Press - Loveland CO

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